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How To Change, Remove And Reset Password In Windows 10

Learn How To Change, Remove and Reset Password in Windows 10 from this step by step tutorial with pictures.

In this tutorial you will get to know about how to change password in windows 10 along with information about removing and resetting your password in windows 10.

Windows 10 is the latest version of operating system from microsoft for desktop and laptop devices, Microsoft has introduced a lot of new and important features in this latest version of OS, These changes have created some questions about locating the old features, programs and applications in windows 10 which were also in previous version of windows like windows 7, 8 etc.

How to set, remove and change password in windows 10?

Security of our data and files and our whole system is now needed as a resource as now a days each document related to house, work and personal life as well is saved digitally. To protect all the data and files windows 10 is designed in a way in which space is managed and can protect all your data and features as it provides you security features.

As a first time user of windows 10, you will asked to enter your Microsoft credentials and sign-in into your Microsoft account, from here you will be guided to attain the security features as it will be option for you initially, but don’t skip it as it will be more beneficial and easy for you to set a password for the system and then start using the security features of windows 10. Though here we will be discussing that if you skip that initial process then also you can create a pin, password and picture password as well anytime in windows 10.

Step 1: Click on the windows menu.


Here you have to click on the settings button which will redirect you to the below image.

panel 1

Step 2: Click on the Accounts option.


Here you will be redirected to the above page where you can easily sign-in into Microsoft account.


You can simply add your email account or create a new Microsoft account easily over here , as in above image the account is already logged in and only we can change, remove or choose another security feature as well for the system.

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Password can easily be change by clicking over the icon and then follow the process as it is highly secured so it will ask for your previous passwords and also confirm your identity by uniquely identifying your identity through phone number provided. By following the steps you can easily change your password and if you have forgotten the password.

Change password

If in any case you have forgotten your password then you can easily choose the forgot your password option and follow some security questions then with recovery features you can easily get back to your account and easily reset your password in few steps.

Here you can also use different security features as well, By creating a PIN or using a picture lock or place the dynamic lock. These features can be attained in the windows 10 as windows 10 comes will all these compact features. PIN can be created easily in few steps

  • Click on PIN.
  • Microsoft account password will be asked.
  • After logging-in to account you are allowed to create PIN.
  • PIN cannot be a sequence or repetitive numbers.

Photo lock can also be used as the security feature in which user is allowed to choose an image and then some measure will be taken and at each login you need to verify your identity by completing all the measures.

Remove password

Here by changing the sing-in requirements to Never then it will automatically remove the password and allows user to sign in without any password.

Remove password

By using netplwiz command in run window or just simple enter it in search window it will redirect you to the above shown image and here you can uncheck the box if you want to remove the password.